San Francisco Passes Prop C Homelessness Funding

On Tuesday November 6th, San Francisco voters signaled their overwhelming support for Proposition C, a gross receipts tax that will generate much needed funding for housing and services for San Francisco’s homeless population.

The measure was able to garner 60% of the popular vote, which is a testament to the broad support among San Francisco residents for finding meaningful solutions to homelessness, as well as to the visionary leadership of nonprofit and community leaders who helped champion the initiative.

Compass Family Services is proud to have closely participated on the steering committee for Prop C. In the weeks leading up to the election, Compass staff and families volunteered their time making phone calls, knocking on doors, and spreading the word about the importance of passing Prop C.

Despite this remarkable victory, opponents of Prop C have raised a legal challenge to the measure. However, the San Francisco City Attorney’s office has committed to defend the will of the voters and ensure the full implementation of Prop C.  Compass will continue to monitor any significant developments as this measure progresses.


Stacy Webb