A Compass Family Success Story: Kayla, DeMonte, and Khairo


Kayla and DeMonte came to Compass Family Services through Larkin Street Youth Services. They were homeless and expecting their son, Khairo.

After a brief stay at Compass Family Shelter, they were placed in our two-year program at Compass Clara House. And what they accomplished in just two years is nothing less than incredible!

When Kayla and Demonte came to Compass Clara House just two years ago, they were new parents with a long way to go to achieve the goals needed to graduate the program successfully.

Neither of them had a drivers license, a high school diploma, or a job. But that quickly started to change as they were given the time to catch their breath, be attentive parents and start to focus on their goals.

They both struggled as young teens and were taking on incredible responsibilities and pressures. Self-care was an important aspect of their time at Compass. They were so young and yet so mature. DeMonte loved to skateboard and Kayla liked art and open mike poetry. They were encouraged to do more of the things that brought them joy. They also participated in individual and couples therapy. Although skeptical at first, they later realized it was helpful.


This past February, they graduated from Compass Clara House where they both got their GED's and drivers licenses. DeMonte was working full-time, Kayla enrolled in college and has her BA degree in site as she works 30 hours per week as a receptionist. Khairo remains in our preschool program and is doing great.

Kayla and DeMonte qualified for housing assistance through Larkin Street Youth Services and are now in their own home in Oakland. They will remain in our Aftercare program to help make sure they have the support and encouragement to remain stably housed.

Congratulations to this young and devoted family for working so hard to make a better life for themselves and their son!

Stacy Webb