Volunteer Spotlight: Julia Brockland

Julia Brockland_Photo.jpg

Julia is a thoughtful teenager, who believes “it is important to serve the community because when one is born with privilege, one must use it to help others.”  

Julia demonstrated her commitment to service by spending her summer break volunteering 2 days per week at Compass Family Services’ transitional housing program, Compass Clara House. By taking responsibility for support tasks, Julia reduced the workload of the busy staff, allowing them to focus on meeting the needs of Compass Clara House families, and providing support as families make progress on their goal plans to find permanent housing and live independently.  

A busy high school student who loves “cartography, drawing maps, and cop shows,” Julia hopes to become an archaeologist or mathematician.

Julia says about her time at Compass Clara House, “I will take a feeling of hope from my time at Clara House. I truly appreciate that there are people working to fight homelessness and am glad to have done what I can to help.”

“She had the work ethic and sense of responsibility of any adult volunteer we have ever had. She always showed up and worked hard wherever she was needed! From a morning helping with an active one year old, to creating party invitations, to filing, to shredding, to helping to move furniture, and hauling junk, to preparing for parties, to answering the door, she was in 100%! We are very grateful for all her help this summer. And she plans to come back this year as part of her school learning service program”, says Jane Schisgal, Program Director at Compass Clara House.

Thank you, Julia, for your generous and dedicated good work to help others in your community!

Stacy Webb