Volunteer Spotlight: Maia Chapman & Wesley Wells


Maia and Wesley came to Compass Family Services after responding to our ad for a Communications Internship earlier this summer. They were both extremely qualified, energetic and very well organized so we asked them to join our Development team immediately.

Maia is from Canada and Wesley is from England. They were both new to San Francisco and were shocked by the extent of the homelessness crisis. And they wanted to help. Their arrival to Compass was also during a very busy time for our organization. We were preparing for the move to our new service hub at 37 Grove Street. They both started their Compass experience in the midst of mountains of papers being shredded, furniture going in and out, and stacks of boxes beginning to form in every corner. But they didn’t flinch. They jumped in and helped.

Once we were settled into our new home, Maia and Wesley organized our first client event in the new space for My New Red Shoes, which provided brand new shoes to Compass kids getting ready to go back to school. Then they took on marketing and social media work for our next event, Toast & Taste, hosted by SFPDV.com.

Maia’s focus has been on social media planning, producing, and scheduling posts on all Compass channels. She has thoughtfully and artistically produced meaningful artwork that highlights the struggle and determination of our clients, staff and volunteers. In only a few months, she has already helped increase our followers by more than 1,000!

Wesley has focused on the website, event coordination, and initiatives for the Compass Leadership Council. When the Council wanted to host their first outdoor/outreach event, A Day in the Park, Wesley jumped in and planned all of the details of the event and discovered a perfect location.

Maia and Wesley have certainly done a lot more with and for our team than we could ever have expected. We are so grateful for all that they have contributed.

Thank you, Maia and Wesley!

Stacy Webb