Success Stories: Jenelle, Darrin & Andrae

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Their Story

Jenelle and her sons, Darrin and Andrae, were in our rapid rehousing program, Compass SF HOME, from 2013-14. They entered at a rough time in their lives, when everything – housing, career, relationships – was in a state of flux. Jenelle was laid off from her job and could no longer afford her rent.

For several years, the family stayed with different friends and family members, bouncing from place to place. Some nights they couldn’t find a place to stay and had to sleep in their car.

With a rental subsidy from SF HOME, the family was able to move into an apartment of their own, and Jenelle worked with a case manager to create a goal plan to increase her income to be able to afford rent on her own. All barriers that led to their housing crisis -- education, employment, childcare, and the trauma of being homeless for several years -- were addressed with sensitivity and compassion.

The family is now doing great. Jenelle works for the City and County of San Francisco as a Senior Eligibility Worker, evaluating residents’ applications for Medi-Cal and CalFresh benefits. Her older son, Andrae, is in 9th grade at KIPP College Prep. He’s recently taken up skateboarding and spends hours at the park behind his school learning new tricks. Jenelle and Andrae recently took a trip together to NYC, where Andrae had been asking to go for years. The baby, Darrin, is now almost 4 and in Pre-K. He loves puzzles and painting, and alternates between wanting to do everything with his big brother, or nothing at all.

Jenelle has become a Compass donor herself, with money deducted from her paycheck each month to help us in helping other families in need. Jenelle says that she is forever grateful to Compass for our support. Now we get to say the same! Jenelle, thank you for your contribution to Compass. We are so happy to know that things are going well for you and your boys.

Compass SF HOME (San Francisco Housing Opportunities Made Equal)

This program rapidly re-houses homeless families so that they can work towards long-term economic self-sufficiency, and helps families in danger of homelessness to stabilize and maintain their housing. Program features include:

  • Intensive, hands on support to help families find safe, permanent housing

  • Rental subsidies coupled with intensive case management to address education and professional goals

  • Self-sufficiency skills like how to find resources or advocate for their families

  • Money management, budgeting and credit repair

Becoming a Donor

Janelle became a regular monthly donor, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Compass Family Services has an automated monthly donation program, where you can choose how much you would like to donate every month, with the option of opting out anytime. Learn more about becoming a regular monthly donor at

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