Employee of the Month: Darah Fry

Darah Fry Photo

Darah Fry


We are proud to announce our December 2018 Employee of the Month - Darah Fry!


Darah was actually the very first childcare provider at the NeighborNest when it opened over three years ago. She left to continue her studies but we were lucky enough to bring her back on board about 1.5 years ago. Since she's become a regular member of the NeighborNest team, she's welcomed countless families, bounced numerous babies, read hundreds of stories and sung "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" too many times to count. Kids look forward to playing with her when they come to the Nest and parents know their children will be well looked after while they're busy attending a class or getting some work done on the computer. 

Darah is great at making children who are new to childcare feel comfortable and secure.  She gets down on their level to engage and play and she's always ready to offer words of encouragement and support. She's our master slime maker (which is a huge hit with the pre-teen set) and her homemade Play-Doh is enjoyed by all.  

In addition to being great with the families we serve, Darah is the ultimate team player. She's never too busy to help out by covering reception, tidying the kitchen, picking up laundry and packages or finding some way to organize and optimize our operations at the Nest. We're so fortunate to have Darah at the NeighborNest and we're grateful for all that she does!

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