Attorney Conference Attendees Didn't Balk at Homelessness in SF - They Came to Help!


DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar is 21,000 members strong and comprised of civil defense lawyers and corporate counsel. More than 1,000 of them headed to San Francisco October 17th through the 21st for their annual meeting.

In April of this year, they reached out to Compass Family Services wanting to do something to help San Francisco’s homeless population while they were in town. 

Toyja Kelley, DRI President-Elect stated, “We are proud to be partnering with Compass Family Services at our Annual Meeting in San Francisco this year because, quite simply, this is where we can do the most good for those most in need. With DRI members providing over 1,000 personal care kits, the homeless regain the dignity of being able to care for their personal hygiene, while freeing up their very limited funds for other survival needs.” 

DRI members also raised $3,000 to support Compass Family Services and our programs that provide shelter and long-term housing, specialized childcare for children living in extreme poverty, mental health services, as well as educational and employment assistance. 

Joe D’Alessandro, President and CEO of San Francisco Travel Association, says, “We applaud DRI for their support of those in need in our city. The fact that they would give of their time and resources to help people at risk says a lot about DRI and how they feel about visiting San Francisco.” 

“This is a great example of human kindness and determination to make an impact and not turn away from the issue. And it’s good for San Francisco to see visitors to our City who want to help the helpers and hopefully inspire more local people to renew their motivation to act as well. Sometimes people feel the problem is too big for them to make a difference as individuals – but that’s not true at all,” says Erica Kisch, Executive Director of Compass Family Services. 

DRI members prepared for spent months purchasing and collecting hygiene items that include body wash, deodorant, toothbrushes, tooth paste, shampoo, and feminine hygiene products. They broke from all meetings during their conference to create individual personal hygiene kits. They also made hygiene kits for kids and donated new underwear and socks.


They hygiene kits are now being distributed to Compass families. We’d like to thank the members of DRI for their compassion and generosity!

Stacy Webb