Employee of the Month: Lucy DeAnda

Lucy DeAnda - EOM.jpg

Lucy DeAnda


We are proud to announce our February 2019 Employee of the Month - Lucy DeAnda!


Lucy is a dedicated member of the Compass SF HOME team. She is always willing to go the extra mile for both her clients and fellow team members. She is a true advocate and always willing to do what it takes to support the families she is working with. Lucy can diffuse and navigate difficult situations with ease and grace. Her clients feel heard, understood and supported by her.

Lucy recently became the Lead Case Manager position on the SF HOME team. She is taking on several leadership responsibilities during the program director’s maternity leave, all while maintaining a case load of families. Not only is she a source of support for staff, but for the families she works with as well.

Lucy, it is so great knowing you, working with you and having you as part of Compass! We cannot wait to see what more you accomplish! Thank you for being a hardworking member of the SF HOME team!

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