Volunteer Spotlight: Shae Selix, Data Scientist Extraordinaire


In October 2017, the City rolled out a new Family Coordinated Entry system. While the system has brought many benefits for homeless families, staff throughout the homelessness system are now responsible for entering the same data into multiple data systems: their internal systems and the City’s new ONE System. At Compass, we believe data is important to track outcomes. However, when we found in a time study last fiscal year that staff at the Central City Access Point were spending 20% of their time doing data entry in both systems, we wanted to eliminate duplicate data entry to allow staff to spend more time with families each day.

Enter Shae Selix, a former Senior Data Scientist with Salesforce and current Data Scientist at Calm. We originally met Shae in December of 2017, when he was volunteering for the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) on the double data entry issue. He initially became motivated about the issue after hearing Jeff Kositsky, HSH Director, speak about the problem. Shae got permission from Salesforce to take work time to help find a solution and he joined forces with the Compass Impact+Learning team to solve the issue. 

Shae worked several months with Compass to build out a customized data integration system that would allow entries in one database to be automatically imported into another. When he realized we needed more project support in early 2019, Shae connected us with the Salesforce Pro Bono program so that we could find a Salesforce developer to join the project. He also helped us find 3rd party integration software to meet our needs. What a rock star!

After this long road we are hoping to roll out integration between Compass’ database and the ONE System in early 2020.

Thank you, Shae for everything you have done to support our staff and homeless families in San Francisco!!

frontpageStacy Webb