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Through compassion,
we can end family homelessness
in San Francisco.




Family homelessness is an "invisible" crisis that negatively affects the very fabric of San Francisco's culture, community, and diversity.

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At Compass Family Services, we're not only dedicated to providing assistance to San Francisco's struggling families -- we also understand the importance of educating the public about the family homelessness crisis.

Family homelessness is a complex issue that often has to be seen to be understood. We hope that by giving people the tools to learn, teach, and do something about family homelessness, we can finally put an end to this crisis once and for all.

We invite you to become a COMPASSion Ambassador and help us educate our community one-by-one about family homelessness and what we can do to end it in San Francisco.

STEP 1: Learn about family homelessness.


Step 2: Teach others
about family homelessness.

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A Message From Our Supporters


Join Actor Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman, Justice League) and community leaders in San Francisco in the fight to end family homelessness.


Step 3: Do something.

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