Together, we can end homelessness in San Francisco.


Community Investment Grants

The better way to leverage the financial contributions and volunteerism of successful companies and their employees with the successful programming of Compass Family Services.


Through a Community Investment Grant, your organization can have a measurable impact on one of the most challenging problems facing San Francisco. Your investment helps us support families facing homelessness as they find their way to economic self-sufficiency and family well-being.

Our corporate partners are not simply checking a box to mark an obligation completed. They are making San Francisco a better place to live… for everyone.

To learn more about the Community Investment Grant program and how your company can participate, please contact:

Stacy Webb
Communications and Corporate Relations Manager
Phone: (415) 644-0504 ext. 1107

Participation Levels and Impact

Builder – $100K+

This Investment provides Compass with the capacity to provide a safe and professionally staffed triage facility to receive the more than 5,000 parents and children who we serve each year. This level of funding includes crisis intervention counseling for mothers who are experiencing domestic abuse and immediate relief for families to receive shelter, food, and baby supplies, as well as the capacity to start the process of rapidly re-housing families who have been stabilized.


Venture – $50K+

Investment at the Venture level provides Compass with the capacity to house 30 homeless families while providing them with the customized support they need to become stable and strong. Compass counselors work with families to develop a personalized housing plan while providing them with the support they need to stabilize, get back on their feet, and go forward on the path to self-sufficiency. Compass provides childcare, healthcare, education, employment, shelter, transitional housing, mental health care, legal services and a host of basic needs services to address each family’s unique circumstances as they work toward housing stability, self-sufficiency and well-being. 


Angel – $25K+

Compass is dedicated to preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place. An investment at the Angel level provides 25 families with rental subsidies to prevent eviction and homelessness. Families receive intensive case management to set them up for long-term success. Compass counselors address the barriers each family faces by providing assistance with education and professional goals. This includes self-sufficiency skills, organizing expenses and managing money, maintaining safe and healthy households, and fortifying their children’s development and education.


Seed – $10K+

An investment at the Seed level ensures Compass can deliver the highest quality of care for up to 10 families who need to heal from trauma.The majority of our families are single mothers with one or two children who have experienced extreme trauma, violence and abuse. The Compass mental health services team provides crisis intervention and counseling, individual psychotherapy (adult and child), and additional trauma sensitive services to families participating in all Compass programs. Our Clinical Services program also provides therapeutic shadowing for children in our early childhood education and childcare program as well as groups for parents and clinical support for front-line staff to ensure all services are provided in a trauma informed environment. 


Accelerator – $5K+

For every dollar invested in a child’s early education, society saves $7. Investment at the Accelerator level is an investment in the future by providing six months of enriched early childhood education for one homeless child. Compass Children’s Center provides specialized services for up to 5 years for children ages 0-5 who are either homeless or live in extreme poverty. There are, on average 85 children in our early childhood education programs at any given time. Not only do we address the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the children, we also free up parents to go to work or attend school. 


Starter – $3K+

Parents understand when they partner with Compass, they're taking an important first step toward self-sufficiency and family well-being. An investment at the Starter level provides one month of hands-on educational, and employment assistance for parents seeking to improve their income potential. Clients are assisted with pre-employment training and job-readiness, enrollment in educational and work programs, internships as well as financial literacy counseling. Becoming economically self-sufficient is critical for a family to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.