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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Adrianna and her family gets fully furnished apartment thanks to Zendesk

Adrianna, a native San Franciscan, and her two daughters were left homeless after she lost her job of five years. They had turned to family and friends, but there was no place to stay except their car. She was pregnant and the baby was coming soon.

After a friend suggested she call Compass Family Services, things started to fall into place and just in time. Her case manager, Montez, kept in touch as Adrianna went into labor. Montez was able to help the family qualify for a housing subsidy and they went straight from the hospital with their new son to their new apartment in Vallejo.

However, they didn’t have any furniture at all. The Compass Development team was already talking with our friends at Zendesk who had a one-bedroom apartment fully furnished and they were hoping to donate everything inside to a Compass family. And that’s when the two came together!

Zendesk hired movers to load everything up and deliver to Adrianna’s new home. The family received a couch, a table and chairs, a bed, kitchenware, and even lava lamps and beautiful artwork for walls.

They still needed two additional beds so Compass staffer, Kris Otridge, along with her daughter, Kelsey, donated their bedroom furniture to finish it all out.

All of us at Compass were so excited to make this happen for this loving family. The team at Zendesk were thrilled to know the family is happy with their donation. And special thanks to Kris and Kelsey for their sweet contribution to two very happy daughters with a new bedroom.


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