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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Mike is a long-standing supporter of Compass and the homeless and at-risk families we serve.

Mike has been a Compass Board Member since 2002. As the Technology Committee Chair, Mike, with help from Twitter, led the installation of wireless internet at Compass’ program sites.

As the COVID-19 crisis intensified, Mike and his family rose to the occasion to make sure that Compass families are cared for during Shelter-in-Place. Since Shelter-in-Place started, Mike has on a weekly basis delivered meals from Che Fico to the families living at Compass Clara House. As part of our Hotels for Homeless Families Initiative, Mike, along with his family and friends contributed 27 microwaves so that families sheltering in the SOMA hotel are able heat up their food and eat warm meals. He also helped install a refrigerator and freezer at the hotel so that families will be able to safely store food during their stay.

Thank you Mike for your contribution over the years and for your amazing dedication during the pandemic!

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