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2020 - 2022 STRATEGIC PLAN

Every child deserves the chance to grow up in a safe and stable home.

In a world that is often lonely, uncertain, and precarious, Compass remains a constant for families facing homelessness—a source of hope, community, and resources that give families a chance to move forward. We strive to be the foundation upon which our families build new futures, rewrite their stories, and go from surviving to thriving.

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Family Stability is our North Star.

We strive to create lasting stability for our families by focusing on their well-being in health, childcare, housing, and income. 

The success of our families depends on their relationship between housing and well-being. Our programs remove the barriers to stability for all families.


Looking ahead, three operational priorities focus our efforts towards family stability:


Review and refine program services through the lens of stability

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Double down on data


Stabilize families by maximizing team engagement, satisfaction, and impact

Influencing public policy drives family outcomes.

We must change systems and policies using our expertise and reputation to effectively address the root causes of homelessness. We will advocate for families, educate the public and decision makers, and catalyze policy changes to directly improve the lives of the families we serve.

Looking ahead, three operational priorities focus our efforts to influence public policy:


Define and disseminate a focused policy agenda


Build strategic partnerships and coalitions at the regional, state, and national levels


Incorporate client-based advocacy

Flexible revenue streams unleash creativity and drive impact.

We will grow private revenue sources to provide financial flexibility for our resources and programs. We will focus on workforce development, mental health services, and aftercare support to promote family stability.

Looking ahead, two operational priorities focus our efforts to increase revenue flexibility:


Implement industry best practices for donor management systems and processes


Foster new revenue sources and raise the bar for existing sources


In addition to the strategic priorities outlined, we will explore two areas that have the potential to fundamentally change the trajectory of impact on families:


Expand Compass' geographical footprint


Use technology to increase continuity and impact of Compass services


Every child deserves the chance to grow up in

a safe and stable home. This simple aspiration

is surprisingly rife with obstacles and challenges that are immense, complex and at times daunting.  


As we embark on our new Strategic Plan we envision a diverse, vibrant and communal San Francisco where families from all backgrounds and experiences are able to thrive. Lasting family stability is our North Star. By squarely orienting every program towards stability we are poised, more than ever, to make a difference in families’ lives.


We are proud of the thousands of families we have already helped on their paths to stability, but truly believe our best is yet to come.

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