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2021 to 2022 Annual Report


We share our 2022 Annual Report in a spirit of growth and expansion, reflecting on our century-old legacy and the leadership carrying it into the future for the communities we serve. We have put down roots for the rootless, from the Great Depression through World War II and the Summer of Love, and today we continue to provide the foundation for at-risk and homeless families to build lasting stability and wellness. We have grown roots ourselves, filling our multi-service site at 37 Grove Street to the brim with family-centered programming and resources—and of course, baby diapers and formula, and children’s coats and backpacks.

This is the legacy we carry forward into the future for Compass, our staff and the families we serve—a legacy of lion-heartedness, resilience, and readiness to meet the biggest social problems of our time head-on. We remain grateful for the creativity of our board, the dedication of our staff, the generosity of our donors, and the hopefulness of the families we serve that their futures can and will be better. Thank you so much for your continuing support.

Click on the button below to read our full Annual Report or scroll down to see highlights and data points on our impact. 

Causes of Homelessness

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How Compass Responded


families assessed for shelter/housing


123 families placed in emergency shelter or transitional housing


99 families prevented from becoming homeless through financial support


171 families placed into stable housing

Of families assessed 12 months after exit from a Compass Housing program, 96% remained stably housed.
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Since family homelessness began to emerge as a serious and growing social problem in the early 1990s, Compass has developed and continually expanded a continuum of initiatives to address the temporary and long-term housing needs of the ever-increasing number of families affected by this most unfortunate phenomenon. For decades, we have provided emergency shelter, transitional housing and rapid rehousing programs and services, with the goal of helping families facing homelessness to achieve stability, self-sufficiency and well-being.

We are now very excited to be rounding out our portfolio with the addition of a sleek new Permanent Supportive Housing program located at the corner of Mission & 9th Streets, just a few blocks from our Service Hub.

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Since the earliest days of the pandemic, San Francisco families experienced unprecedented job loss and housing instability. Although eviction moratoriums were eventually enacted in order to provide a barrier to housing loss, many families remained at-risk for imminent homelessness. Long before the pandemic, we provided rental assistant through our Rental Assistance Project (RAP), but the COVID crisis and overwhelming influx of families seeking rental support prompted us to pivot to a standalone rental assistance program.


Compass C-Rent was carved out in 2021 to better serve the unprecedented number of families coming through our doors at risk of eviction.


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The experience of homelessness is traumatic in and of itself, and the vast majority of the families we serve at Compass also grapple with significant additional trauma. For that reason, we have long held that behavioral health services are a critical piece of the puzzle in helping families to achieve lasting stability and well-being.

Last fiscal year, our team of therapists provided individual, family, couples, and child play therapy to more than 300 parents and children each month. Our goal has always been therapy on demand, which means being able to provide these critical services in the moment that a family needs them, which is why we have worked to increase access to care immensely this past year. 

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