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Celebrating the Success of the Compass Family Advisory Committee: Reflections from Our Inaugural Cohort

Last month, the Compass Family Advisory Committee's inaugural cohort wrapped up their six-month journey with a celebratory gathering. Families came together to reflect on their shared experiences, celebrate their achievements, and look forward to the future.

About the Family Advisory Committee

Compass, dedicated to supporting families in need, established the Family Advisory Committee to empower its clients through advocacy and community building. The committee's mission is to equip members with the skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for themselves and others, fostering a supportive network in the process.

Journey of Growth and Learning

Over the past six months, the eight dedicated members met weekly to engage in a series of workshops and discussions. They learned about the inner workings of Compass, developed critical advocacy skills, and found solidarity in their shared experiences. Key activities included:

  • Advocacy Training: Members participated in workshops on effective communication, policy analysis, and public speaking.

  • Community Building: Weekly meetings provided a safe space for sharing personal stories and building a sense of community.

  • Compass Learning: Members spoke with directors at Compass, learned about different programs and services, and provided feedback.

Impact and Achievements

The committee's efforts culminated in several significant outcomes:

  • Advocacy Day Success: Members engaged with city supervisors and showcased their ability to drive policy discussions, highlighting their commitment and influence on a citywide level.

  • Feedback for Improvement: Members provided Compass with actionable feedback on enhancing internal systems, directly contributing to improved service experiences for families.

  • Media and Social Media Presence: Members shared their stories with the media and on Compass's social media channels, raising awareness and inspiring others.

Reflections from the Final Meeting

At the final meeting, members shared what they took from the experience:

“The positivity that has come with working towards an end goal has made me feel empowered walking out these doors. I found another family here. This has been a really good phase in my life because I felt very secure here and felt I could learn. My kids pushed me to do this, so I could provide a better future for them.” - Mirian

“These types of situations can be very isolating, not knowing how I’ve ended up being in the situation I’ve been in. And being in this space and hearing similar stories has been really helpful in developing a sense of connection and removing the isolation.” - Jennifer

“It’s beautiful to know that you’re not alone. I realized that it’s not just me. Your stories have really helped me. It’s clear that Compass is really concerned with its clients’ opinions.” - Leslie

Looking Ahead

The Family Advisory Committee will take a break for now with a new cohort convening in the winter. Members from the first cohort will continue working with Compass, helping to mentor the next cohort and advocate for the community.

Compass is committed to empowering families and ensuring their voices are heard. If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more about our initiatives, please reach out to us at


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