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Claudia is a single mother with two young children in San Francisco. She had a difficult time returning to the workforce due to a lack of available childcare and was stuck on waitlist after waitlist with no end in sight. A friend recommended Compass to Claudia and she was connected with Leticia, a case manager at Compass Childcare Support Services, who provided Claudia with hands-on support to determine how best to meet her childcare needs, apply for childcare subsidies, visit childcare providers and explore her childcare options. With Leticia’s support, Claudia was able to secure childcare for her children and started working as a housekeeper.

Claudia then joined C-WORK in order to build new skills and find more sustainable employment. Prior to joining C-WORK, Claudia did not know how to use a computer and had an email account she rarely used. With support from bilingual workforce case managers, Jackie and Juliana, Claudia was able to increase her computer literacy skills and build her confidence.

Claudia attended training and networking events through C-WORK, and her Compass case managers connected her with a local entrepreneurship program called CHALK that is providing her with skills to start her own business selling handmade jewelry from Oaxaca and supporting indigenous Oaxacan artisans. By starting her own small business, Claudia hopes to eventually earn a sustainable wage and have more time to spend with her kids. Thanks to the incredible support from the team at C-WORK, Claudia has been empowered to achieve her goals and feels more than ever that her dreams are within reach.


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