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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We are proud to announce our Employee of the Month - Jacqui Jackson

Jacqui is a hard-working, enthusiastic, smart and deeply compassionate Case Manager at SF HOME. SF HOME is a Compass program which rapidly re-houses homeless families so that they can work towards long-term economic self-sufficiency. This program also helps families at risk of homelessness to stabilize and maintain their housing.

Jacqui often goes above and beyond for her clients, whether it’s spending all day with them at a community college or advocating that they receive an extension in services. She does not shy away from challenging conversations, or the opportunity to push her clients towards further growth.

Jacqui also goes above and beyond for the SF HOME team. After asking to take on more responsibility, she began providing housing search assistance to very low income families with Section 8 vouchers and triaging clients for Homelessness Prevention Assistance. She has started to co- facilitate a self-care workshop with the Family Resource Center Team too. Jacqui radiates positivity, creativity and is a constant voice for positive change.

Thank you Jacqui for the talent, intelligence, and thoughtfulness you dedicate to our clients, team and community as a whole.

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