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Employee Spotlight: Trista Duran

Trista Duran

Meet Trista! 👋 Trista is a Rental Subsidy Case Manager at Compass’ SF HOME program which promotes long-term housing stability through housing search assistance, rental subsidies, case management, and one-time financial assistance to cover rent for families at risk of eviction, as well as, security deposits and first month's rent.

Trista is a hard-working, smart, and a deeply compassionate case manager. During the pandemic, she played a vital role in removing barriers for client families and providing support with housing and other services, such as food, job search, benefit applications and more. She fiercely advocates for her client families to access services and has successfully helped families acquire permanent supportive housing.

Permanent supportive housing units are an important resource for Compass families, many who are low income, since these units only charge a percentage of the household income as rent instead of a flat rate. Many of the families we serve are greatly affected by the pandemic and lost employment and wages while struggling with childcare and healthcare concerns. Affordable and stable housing is key to helping families stay safe emotionally and physically as we recover from this crisis.

Thank you so much, Trista!


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