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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Our COVID-19 Crisis Response Gets Big Boost From SC Johnson’s Donation of Essential Items to Support San Francisco Families

When shelter-in-place began, many of our corporate partners reached out wanting to help above and beyond their annual financial support for our programs. One of our Partner heroes is certainly SC Johnson providing funding for crisis-related food support and also a critical amount of diapers and wipes.

Food insecurity was immediate for our homeless and at-risk families who lost 40% of their income almost immediately at the beginning of shelter-in-place. SC Johnson awarded a grant of $15,000 to provide Compass families with direct financial support through our Family Care Kit program which provided grocery store gift cards to families in-need and to support weekly food pantry purchases for our family service hub at 37 Grove Street. This was on top of their $50,000 grant to support our housing programs.

SC Johnson’s Babyganics line pitched in with more direct-to-family support by sending 110 cases of diapers and 90 cases of baby wipes. Diapers and wipes are distributed to hundreds of families each month from our main service hub at 37 Grove Street, from our Compass Family Shelter, and to families we’ve recently housed across the San Francisco Bay Area via Compass case manager’s deliveries.

Compass has provided more than 66,000 meals and more than $300,000 in direct financial support to keep families stabilized. And we’ve secured stable housing for more than 60 families during the pandemic.

Compass’ crisis response has been massive thanks to partners like SC Johnson. They’re a family company supporting families in need in our community and beyond.

Thank you!

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