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Staff Spotlight: Clark Wininger

Meet Clark Wininger, Assistant Program Director at the Compass Family Resource Center

Clark Wininger is the Assistant Program Director for the Family Resource Center (FRC) at Compass, working to assist clients with drop-in and direct service needs. With a passion for social work and giving back, Clark came to Compass as a Case Manager with the FRC back in 2020 before stepping into his current position three months ago. Clark sits at a desk across from the entrance to 37 Grove and, from his desk, is positioned to know everyone and everything happening in the space.

Clark and his team at the FRC are the first people most families will encounter when coming to Compass. The team fills out intake paperwork, runs assessments with families, and refers them to the appropriate programs within Compass and the community to address their housing, employment, childcare, parenting support, and other stability needs. In addition to providing a great level of detail and knowledge about these resources, Clark and his team also pass out diapers, groceries, and hygiene kits directly to families. With its location at the front doors of 37 Grove, the FRC team continues to greet families even after they progress through other Compass programs, building relationships that last years. This is one of Clark’s favorite parts of being in the FRC; it reflects the welcoming community that Compass cultivates.

When he’s not at the front of Grove helping families receive services during drop-in hours, Clark likes to participate in the weekly group Music and Movement Class held for children from ages 0-5. He describes it as “Zumba for toddlers,” saying, “It’s so fun to walk by that room and see all the kids dancing and moving around. When I can, I hop in and it’s one of my favorite parts of the day.” The entire FRC team agrees that Music and Movement always brings a smile to all participants.

The Family Resource Center’s success is due to the flexibility and adaptability of the entire team. FRC staff have to problem solve in a variety of different ways, and maintain a huge knowledge base of Compass and community services alike. “Every day looks different,” Clark notes, and “each client has a unique story that they bring to us.” Clark notes that his team does great work to bring families into Compass and create a safe and welcoming place to find stability.

As a kid growing up in San Francisco, Clark always wanted to give back to his city. He served in the Peace Corps, stationed in the Dominican Republic, where he created youth programming on topics like health or the environment. After returning to his hometown, Clark saw how the pandemic displaced so many San Franciscans, and the stark presence of inequity at home and wanted to do something to help. Thank you Clark for your work to help families benefit from all of the services Compass has to offer!


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