We believe in a San Francisco for ALL families.


Compass families are the heart and soul of the organization. Their experiences, grit and determination in the face of hardship strengthens the driving force of the Compass organization. Compass Family Services helps homeless families build the lives that they always dreamed of by providing stability and structure to their lives.

Families that graduate from Compass continue to feel a sense of belonging with the Compass community. In the process of stabilizing their lives, these families build strong and deep relationships with the Compass staff. Alumni almost always return as volunteers or donors to help out other families going through rough times. 


Martin, Carolina, Carlo, and Carolay

Martin and Carolina and their two children, Carlo and Carolay, were stable and happy Compass clients - only needing our childcare services for their daughter. All of that changed one November morning when their apartment was lost in a tragic fire. They lost 13 years of hard work and all of their belongings in a matter of a few hours. Compass family services staff members, on realizing that a Compass alumnus family had gone through a tragedy, mobilized immediately to get their lives back on track.


Janelle, Darin, and Andre

Janelle entered the Compass San Francisco home during a turbulent time in her life. She had just been laid off and could not afford housing for her family. Compass housing provided Janelle the support she needed to rebuild her life. Today, Janelle works for the city and county of San Francisco as a senior eligibility worker. Her sons are doing well at school and are now able to indulge in hobbies such as skateboarding.



The Ngeussan Family

After graduating from Compass, the Ngeussan family moved to Silver springs, Maryland. Jean works at the University research company as a senior technical advisor.  He is leading several projects in different countries. Elisabeth took up a consulting job in global health and education. Their son Esdras plans to attend Maryland institute college of arts. Their daughter is in high school and plans to become a doctor. Compass housing provided the Ngeussan's the support they need to build the lives they always dreamed of.