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Every family needs a home.

At Compass Family Services, we’re passionate about helping homeless and at-risk families become stably housed, emotionally and physically healthy, and economically self-sufficient. Compass was founded in 1914 as Travelers’ Aid San Francisco to provide assistance to the 18.5 million newcomers who visited the city of San Francisco for the 1915 World’s Fair. Since then, our history has followed the trajectory of San Francisco's history, serving the most vulnerable populations during the Great Depression, World War II, immigrants and refugees from Asia in the 1950's, and homeless youth during and after the Summer of Love.

Today, while helping families secure long-term housing, Compass Family Services provides the most comprehensive range of support services designed specifically for those in distress.

We’re proud of our 100+ year legacy of serving all the people of San Francisco.

Erica Kisch

Chief Executive Officer


Compass Family Services leads the way in helping San Francisco families facing homelessness secure stable housing and attain economic self-sufficiency and family well-being. We have been service innovators for more than 100 years, and more than 95% of the families who complete our housing programs achieve lasting success.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: We help homeless families and those at imminent risk to achieve housing stability, economic self-sufficiency, and well-being.


Our unwavering commitment to social justice fuels our mission at Compass Family Services. We champion the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) as integral drivers of our triumphs. Through this transformative lens, we navigate every facet of our endeavors. Our devotion to DEIB extends across all dimensions and spheres of our operation –internal and external. This commitment echoes in our interactions with clients, staff, stakeholders, and the community. Our core conviction rests on the potential of equitable systems and inclusive cultures to propel families toward housing stability, self-sufficiency, and holistic well-being. We celebrate diversity as a wellspring of strength and unity. Every step in this journey acknowledges that DEIB is not merely a destination but a continuous expedition. This voyage is pivotal, underscoring our achievement and upholding our organization's integrity.

Making a difference for over 100 years.

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