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Únase a los esfuerzos de Compass Family Services para acabar con la falta de vivienda de las familias mediante el voluntariado.

La semana que pasamos con Compass Family Services fue verdaderamente transformadora. Nos sentimos honrados de haber trabajado con una organización tan maravillosa y quedamos impresionados por la dedicación de sus familias y su increíble equipo. Todos hemos aprendido y crecido mucho como individuos y tenemos nuevas perspectivas que estamos trayendo de vuelta con nosotros.

What kinds of item donations does Compass accept? 

Compass accepts donation drives for the following items - 

  • New travel and full-sized toiletries

  • New feminine hygiene products, such as tampons and pads

  • New and gently used toys and books

  • New clothing, especially warm coats and socks for adults and children

How do I plan a donation drive?

Before you host your donation drive, please contact our team to see if we have the capacity to accept donations at our facility. 


You can host your drive for as short as a single day or as long as a few months.

In Person Donation Drives

If you are encouraging people to drop off donations at a physical location, make sure your drop-off site(s) are located in secure locations, such as inside a school, business or office. That way, you can make sure that all the donated items will be safe until the final pick up date. When you are ready to drop off your donations, please contact us to schedule a time to safely drop off your items at our 37 Grove Services Hub. 

Virtual Donation Drives

If you are hosting a virtual donation drive, please share our Amazon wishlist with your friends, family, coworkers and other community members. Our Amazon wishlist shows items which are most needed by the homeless and at-risk families Compass serves. Donations purchased through our Amazon wishlist are sent directly to our 37 Grove Services Hub. If you need a tax receipt, please use our Tax ID 94-1156622 and your itemized Amazon order receipts for tax reporting purposes. If you would like a tax letter from Compass, please contact us

How do I advertise my donation drive? 

Communications is key! Advertise your donation drive through social media, email, text or good old-fashioned paper.  You can get creative and use colored markers, sequins, glitter and more to create signage on printer paper and/or poster board. 


Don't forget to send out reminders a day or two before, and throughout the duration of your donation drive! We love seeing your posts on social media! Tag and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.​​

If you have other ideas about how to get involved, or just want to help wherever we have the greatest need, get in touch with us at

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