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Cada contribución conduce
a un cambio positivo y duradero.

Cada contribución conduce
a un cambio positivo y duradero.

In our Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report, we highlight our steadfast commitment to addressing family homelessness by emphasizing the critical need for housing and stability. Throughout the year, our efforts focused on breaking generational cycles of homelessness, particularly among families of color in San Francisco. We expanded our capacity to partner with families, increasing our budget by 130% since 2020, allowing us to innovate and enhance services such as case management, therapy, and rapid rehousing programs.


With broader exposure, increased leadership, a larger budget, and more programs and services to offer than ever before, Compass Family Services stands poised to build on our legacy of unwavering support for families most in need. Our achievements are a result of the collective strength of our community – the families we serve, dedicated staff and board members, generous supporters, and allies. Together, we are expanding our impact and breaking the cycle of family homelessness by pushing beyond housing AND promoting permanent, lasting solutions.

Click on the button below to read our full Annual Report or scroll down to see highlights and data points on our impact. 

Causes of Homelessness

How Compass Responded


families assessed for shelter/housing


475 adults and children received therapy


132 at-risk families prevented from becoming homeless through financial support


198 families placed into stable housing

7,572 parents and children were served by Compass in the 2023-24 fiscal year.
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Compass Urgent Accommodation Vouchers

This year, amidst San Francisco’s urgent need for more housing, Compass launched its Compass Urgent Accommodation Vouchers (CUAV) program through funding from the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. The initiative provides hotel stays along with short-term crisis support and case management for families and pregnant people experiencing urgent and immediate need for shelter when traditional shelter isn’t available. Since existing family shelter space is insufficient to meet demand, this new program offers an opportunity to get vulnerable families off the streets quickly while they work to find more stable solutions.

This new program launched in February of 2023, with Diana Ortiz as Program Director. Having no blueprint to work from, Diana and her team had to start from scratch to build a program that would help to immediately address the needs of families in crisis. Diana and her small team provide hotel placement, two weeks of case management, vouchers for emergency meals/groceries, wellness checks, benefits advocacy, referrals, and service coordination. Five months into launch at the end of the fiscal year, the team had already helped 47 families.

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When rent becomes an all-encompassing burden, every expense becomes a danger to stability. Basic needs expenses can be the difference between housing and eviction for at-risk families. To help families avoid and truly overcome homelessness, Compass Family Resource Center (CFRC) offers a variety of basic necessities free to families, so they can focus on paying rent and reaching financial stability.


Goods distributed through Compass Family Resource Center:

  • Fresh produce

  • Dry and canned goods

  • Diapers, baby wipes, and formula

  • Hygiene products including feminine hygiene

  • Additional items, as available, including clothing, car seats, strollers, disinfectant wipes, etc.


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Homelessness can trigger conditions like trauma and impaired speech development that can impede children’s education, leaving them behind their peers from a young age. Many of the children served by Compass Children’s Center face these challenges, so in 2023, Compass hired a Speech and Language Pathologist to work with children at the center who need additional support, helping these children to develop language and communication skills essential to their social, emotional, and academic development.

Each day at Compass Children’s Center, Angélica González meets with children from ages one to five, working with them on individually tailored therapy plans to help them communicate with their peers, teachers, and family.

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