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At Compass Family Services, we’re passionate about helping families who are experiencing homelessness and those who are at risk become stably housed, emotionally and physically healthy, and economically self-sufficient.

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Comprehensive Care

Personalized Support

Measured Impact

Compass provides a full range of support services to move families towards long-term housing.

Compass specializes in one-to-one, customized engagements that lead to lasting, positive outcomes.

Compass makes a tangible difference with proven, goal driven programs.

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Compass has been a remarkable program. What I like about this program was that I was able to give me and my son stable housing and other resources when I need it.

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Twitter NeighborNest gave me the opportunity to learn more about computer coding and the ability to participate and compete where I'm best suited.

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While we were homeless, Compass Clara House allowed us to focus on finding our way and evolve, rather than struggle to survive. 

What's happening @ Compass

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