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Compass mother of two receives her Doula certification with the support of therapy from Compass Behavioral Health Services

Lilliana, a single mother who sought help from Compass after a period of homelessness, has recently received her Doula certification!

Lilliana is a 48 year old mother of two, one aged five and the other twenty-six. Before turning to Compass for help, Lilliana and her second child, an infant at the time, had stayed in four different shelters. Lilliana describes her arrival at Compass as feeling like an angel had come to her. Her assigned Compass case manager helped her secure placement in a new low-income housing unit, where she now resides with her son.

Lilliana took classes at Compass to explore potential job opportunities when she discovered the Doula certification program. Compass not only supported her financially for the class but also provided her with a laptop to help with her coursework. Most significantly for Lilliana, she has worked closely with a Compass therapist who has been instrumental in helping her address past trauma and discover her own inner strength.

Now, as a certified doula, Lilliana looks forward to supporting mothers, especially those who may lack support elsewhere. She hopes to get her GED and specialize in helping to prevent postpartum depression among the women she works with. She says she’s thankful for the support she received at Compass, where she was finally able to realize her dream of working within the nursing field and supporting mothers in her community.

Congratulations to Lilliana on her remarkable achievement in earning her Doula certification!

She asked to dedicate her certificate to Compass for having the confidence to believe in her, and her children for standing by her as she found her footing. We can't wait to see what her future holds.

"En las terapias, que te puedo decir, me han ayudado mucho. Creo que me va a doler cuando se haga el desapego. Porque no solo me ha ayudado psicológicamente sino como ser humano, me ha ayudado a seguir luchando por lo que yo quiero y a tratar de ver el valor que tengo como mujer." - Lilliana

Translated to English: "In regards to therapy... they have helped me a lot. I think it will be difficult for me when it is time to detach because it has not only helped me psychologically, but also as a human being, helping me to keep fighting for what I want and to try to see the value and importance I have as a woman." 


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