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Drivers of Joy: Waymo Brings Joy and Support to Compass Families

This year, Waymo showed up in myriad ways to support the families Compass serves. This holiday season, the lives of 10 children and their parents were touched by the magic of a unique experience—the opportunity to attend a Warriors game, all made possible by the generous support of Compass Family Services' corporate partner, Waymo. Waymo not only provided 22 tickets but also arranged seamless transportation to and from The Margot, ensuring that this holiday treat would be truly memorable. The excitement peaked just before the game when the children were surprised on the court by players from both the Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers, who gifted each child a  Chromebook.

Throughout the entirety of 2023, Waymo emerged as a dedicated pillar of support for Compass, standing out as one of its most reliable corporate allies. In addition to substantial monetary contributions, the Waymo team rolled up their sleeves to assemble hundreds of hygiene kits and snack kits for families facing challenging circumstances. Their commitment extended beyond the financial realm, encompassing thoughtful donations of gloves, pajamas, and stroller covers—items that undoubtedly brought comfort to those in need. Waymo's team members also actively volunteered at the Compass Family Resource Center food pantry, embodying a hands-on approach to community support.

Over the summer, Waymo continued their impactful initiatives by partnering with United Way. Together, they orchestrated the delivery of carloads of backpacks stuffed with school supplies, setting the stage for a confident and enthusiastic start to the new school year for Compass kids. This collaboration underscored Waymo's dedication to empowering young minds and promoting education as a catalyst for positive change.

A noteworthy highlight of Waymo's involvement was their pivotal role as the official sponsor of Compass’ holiday Adopt-a-Family program. This sponsorship ensured that families in need experienced the warmth of the holiday season with thoughtful gifts and a sense of belonging. Waymo's commitment to fostering community connections was truly exemplified through this sponsorship, demonstrating a genuine understanding of the importance of support during challenging times.

The partnership between Waymo and Compass Family Services commenced in 2021, and as the calendar turns to 2024, both entities eagerly anticipate a continued collaboration. The shared commitment to supporting Compass and the families it serves remains steadfast, promising a future filled with meaningful moments of joy, support, and community upliftment.


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