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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Congratulations to our Employee of the month!

We are proud to announce our Employee of the Month - Maselino Moli

Maselino has excelled in his role as the Janitor at Compass Family Shelter from day one and has efficiently and effectively supported both the shelter team and the families in the program.

Maselino has strong mastery over the complexities of his role. He has consistently advocated for shelter improvements, from the quality of the products we order to keeping our spaces safe, clean and organized to regularly attending meetings, trainings and workshops that strengthens his commitment to Compass’ mission. As we have all struggled to maintain a safe residential program during the prolonged COVID crisis, Maselino has been instrumental in helping to keep staff and families safe.

Maselino is always available to help with food deliveries to rooms, wellness checks, family exits, and room inspections, and provides support and comfort to our otherwise all-female staff in more complex and potentially dangerous situations.

We truly appreciate the holistic approach Maselino has taken since joining our shelter team in terms of custodial, maintenance and client support, and we appreciate that Maselino always goes above and beyond in his work.

Thank you so much Maselino for all you do to keep us going every day - we appreciate you!

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