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Terrie at Compass Family Shelter

Meet Terrie! Terrie is a Residential Counselor and Case Manager at Compass Family Shelter, an emergency shelter providing a place to stay for up to 22 families and offers intensive case management and services geared towards helping families obtain housing and stability.

Terrie is an incredible and integral part of the team at Shelter. She always approaches everyone, from Shelter staff and families to our greater Compass community, with warmth and kindness. Her authenticity, positive outlook and attitude immediately brightens up any room!

Terrie is also a wonderful mentor towards newer staff members and is a dependable teammate! She readily takes initiative, shares information about helpful resources and happenings to support our families and is never afraid to ask clarifying questions when something new is introduced. Terrie is an excellent communicator, sharing regular updates and fostering a sense of collaboration within the entire Shelter community.

We are so grateful for Terrie and her incredible work! Thank you for supporting our Shelter team and families!


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